Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by Dina: I thought she was Mexico's representative?

Comment by islanderOC: No, Mexifornia....

Comment by Obozo_The_Pres: By 2014, California will be a third world sh1thole it will need a governor that can speak the native language

Comment by TheDude

: More motivation for me to leave this crap-hole state...

Comment by Patriot: The first thing this baca would do is turn the whole state over to mexico and get out all white people

Comment by JadedintheOC: Ughhhh...please send that web b*ck back across the border! They need her more over there. Hey I can say that being and American Mexican

Comment by saywhat: What a joke. Sanchez isn't qualified to run a Mexican brothel. 

Comment by RJ in Tustin: As a 56 yr old white man born in NY, I'm ashamed that all you prejudiced racists talk like that. If you don't like it, just f**king leave. Nobody needs your opinion anyway. Why all the Sanchez bashing? Because she's Hispanic? RACISTS! I like Loretta--but her Xmas cards (w/dog) ARE a bit strange. lol


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