Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by IRVINKNIGHT: 100 pesos says Yvette gives the Zoila award to either an illegal alien or a pregnant homeless girl.

Comment by EVILTWIN: Another great article for "LA Opinion". Where it belongs!

Comment by SHOULDNTBELIEVE: I have a better title for the award. Illegal alien that should be deported award. And we could give it out to about 5 million people in CA. 

Comment by FREELOADERS: Si, en espanol


: Yvette Via La Raza...Another great journalist with that impressive degree of latino studies

Comment by SOUTHOC: I scrub my own shower. I am the hardest worker in OC too.

Comment by BLOTTO: I love this article! because it pisses you off! You know who you are...

Comment by WICKEDWHITE: So this lady comes to America {legal status unknown at that and this time ?} and sends her cash back to Nicaragua thanks to Western Union. And this gets a Award named after her....What about other hard workers like Ms. Crabapple the school teacher or Mo the Bartender ?

Comment by SOUTHOC: Look how I clean the shower? wow. I'm impressed.


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