Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by DAVIDSTHUBBINS: Looks like OCR's dream of turning this place into Mexico is coming true.

Comment by TOMNORANGE: Kill them

Comment by BARBIEMACS: California is becoming Mexifornia. Get used to it people. Next we will find headless people in the street. It is coming to a neighborhood to you. Oakland is now issuing ID cards to illegals that also serve as debit cards. Thought welfare already did that (EBT cards compliments of having your token anchor babies). I'm outa here as soon as I collect my retirement like most of the law abiding tax paying people!!

Comment by PETERWOLF: What is a 66 year old woman driving on her own in So Cal? Doesn't she know this place is a toilet?

Comment by SOUTHOC

: This would never happen if we pass the DREAM act.

Comment by KENLEE71: Both of these maggots need to be dropped into a wood chipper hooves-first.

Comment by MAAK2SADE: Should we intern all Hispanic descents for this?

Comment by LANDOFTHEFREE: Should we intern all white descents for this?

Comment by JUNKY0205: who cares if they are white or hispanic just find them and blow their brain out


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