Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by SCHULTZIE: Deport this guy along with all the illegals.

Comment by FATHALE: Canada and Australia get all the world immigrants that are worth having and we get all the stupid, illiterate, uneducated, chupacabra fearing Mexicans. If that isn't dumbing down our country, I don't know what is.

Comment by ELFFARMS

: Another "brown" trying to get their relatives legal in this country....Let's bring back the watergate boys and have them pass laws legalizing breaking and entering, or the east coast mobsters to pass the 5 families bill to protect their questionable moneymaking activities, or how about bonnie and clyde to form a bank robbers  and cop killers organization protecting and legalizing their calims to fame....DO NOT HAND THESE CRIMINALS AND POTENTIAL TERRORISTS AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND INFRASTRUCTURE A GIFT FOR BREAKING THE LAW, SEND THEM TO PRISON THEM BACK TPO THEIR THRID WORLD COUNTRIES WHERE THE LAW SAYS THEY BELONG!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by CHICOMEX: Well, then, I don't care about laws. I'll break any that I can get away with and the hell with it. If these turds can come slime their way into my country and break all kinds of laws and be rewarded, then clearly, laws mean nothing. So, I'm gonna do whatever I want, whenever I want and not worry about the consequences. I will be very careful and crafty not to get caught. Just like the illegals here!

Comment by PRRINC: you are the reason anti-immigration proponents have such a hard time with their efforts, S T U P I D comments like these - your a real idiot.


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