Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Man Who Kicked Officer in Groin Pleads Guilty

Comment by SSHOE: Give me a break, is this how this old man shows his thanks for the US saving his people from those commie VC 40 years ago. How about showing some gratitude and not suing the cops when YOU are the one who punched and kicked them. Oh and learn engrish, you are in the US now.

Comment by JJP009: This seems to be the excuse for every type of bad behavior with police officers nowadays...."Hey, I didn't understand English. It wasn't my fault." Well, why does one have to understand English to know that it's wrong to commit an assault and batery on another human being...especially one wearing a badge and gun? This guy is just another third-world piece of sh*t who can't assimilate into our once-civilized socieety and absolutely refuses to learn our language and act like someone who no longer swings from trees.

Comment by 1ANGRYWHITEMAN: Probably VC


: AH....ONLY in America, could an immigrant of 30+ years claim to NOT SPEAK English, lawyers are clever tho. Immigrants have contributed to much to Calif. financial dilema, taking all the state offered and whinning it's not enough?

I LEFT, with good reason, decades of seeing what deterioration and 3rd world living conditions & habits did to calif was more than enough for us. I am not racist by anybody's definition, but the economics of giving everything to immigrants and nothing to natural born citizens is enough to upset ANYBODY.

Comment by TIEUDONG123: You are a racist

Comment by DESYNTHPOP88: Deport him!!!

Comment by DIAMONDDAVE: I am sure this was another asian playing dumb, as they so often do, to get what they want. Asians always seem to understand anything in any language when it pertains to money, however anything else they play dumb and claim not to speak english. This old man I am sure knew what he was doing, i mean i am sure it wasn't his first day in this country. I am sure him getting an asian lawyer helped his case and the fact that he is old. He should be required to do some community service as well, what else does he have to do at his age? i would have made sushi out of this old man had he went for the jewels........luck asian i tell you!


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