Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by JUSTICEFLEA: Goody Goody! He is just a stupid kid. And somewhere in his family he has a mutt. He just needs to suck it up. Mix people are here to stay...

Comment by GWESTLIE: He stated that "interracial relationships were wrong" Well then, he should be directing his anger at his Mama, cause by the looks of him, his Mother had interracial relations with some kind of animal. This dude looks so scary he'd make a freight train take a dirt road.

Comment by SANDBLAST: Palin/DeLoach 2012! YES WE CAN!!!

Comment by CAPNMRVL

: I can't help but smile as I think of this little racist in a big boy prison. Hey John-John, remember to bring vaseline, a bridal veil, a list of stores where you and your husband will be registered, and a DVD of Deliverance, so you can play along with the Squeal the Pig section.

Comment by IN8CHRO: not condoning this guys actions at all but if this were a black guy that ha done this to some white people. you know he would have gotten a key to the city and been able to sue the white people for not being black.

Comment by 714KING: Congrats...That's the dumbest comment i've read all day.

Comment by PERRIER: So this guy is white, acting like a hispanice (gangmember) . . . send him where they embrace this behavior, save the taxpayers some money!

Comment by LONGHO: Not sure if this guy is really White. The last name "Deloach" is a comment Vietnamese last name with French origin. This person maybe at least half-white and half-Asian.

Comment by LOVETHTCULTURE: deport him south of the border where this is accepted in their culture. We don't need anymore of them here.


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