Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Hello, Haters!


That's right, folks; you're reading the very last OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day. When I started this column, it was intended to poke fun at the fact that any story in the Register that mentioned Mexico or featured a Latino or was written by Yvette Cabrera would inevitably be followed by a comments section in which a predictable handful of dim-witted readers would engage in an impromptu racist rant about illegal immigrants being "third world scum," for example, or Mexico or Santa Ana being a "toilet" that needed to be surrounded with an electric fence like a concentration camp, with mass deportations or similar ethnic cleansing to follow.

Besides the fact that I don't enjoy spending an hour each morning reading and compiling racist comments, I feel the column has run its natural course. Part of the problem is that most of the people who actually comment on the column are the very racists who comment in the Register. I'm sick and tired of reading their comments on this column. Their remarks are not only ignorant but redundant.

I think I made this realization last week when, for what seemed like the millionth time, a reader scolded me for calling anti-Mexican remarks racist, given that "Mexican" is not a race, but a nationality. The commenter was essentially defending comments which joked about blasting illegal immigrants--referred to as "savages"--out of their smuggling boats with torpedoes. When I pointed out his bigotry, another reader chimed in with his agreement that illegal immigrants from Mexico are in fact "savages."

This inane, idiotic bullshit will continue as long as the Register continues to publish stories about illegal immigration, Mexico, Mexicans, and Latino people, to name but a few typically incendiary topics, but I for one have run out of patience for these fucking morons and plan to completely ignore them from now on.

I'd like to end this message with one last farewell  to my favorite lunatic racists, whose collective drivel has provided grist for this column. So this goes out to WickedWhite, HBRealist, SurfCityRed, LouDobbs, KSliminOC, MuslimsSuck and last but not least, UncleBill, who pops up every now and again to say the exact same thing: "Gimme dat Obama money."

Have a nice life, never forget that you are all going to hell, and most importantly, don't have kids! 


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