Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by caseclosed: She needs to get off her camel and wipe the sand out of her eyes she's in America now.

Comment by bg: If I saw someone dressed in Islamic garb working anywhere (and that includes Disneyland), I'd run and duck for cover.

Comment by Nathan: I am suing my employer as well for discrimination. They wont allow me to wear my suicide vest to work

Comment by logicisourfriend

: Oh, boo hoo. If i walked into a restaurant with a hostess wearing a towel on her hear, I'd walk right out. I don't need someone's "modesty" shoved into my face while I'm on vacation. "Modesty"? Based on what I've seen, her head scarf isn't doing her any favors. If you work for Disney, you play by their rules. If you don't like them, find another job. Perhaps Osama is recruiting another wife.

Comment by surfcityred: Ahhh yes. Allah has enlightened her. He has shown her the way to the American "discrimination lottery." Life is good. Two years ago she was picking fleas out of a camel's ear (Play the "Movin' on Up" theme song) and now Imane (spelled backwars is "enami"....YIKES!) is about to visit Fletcher Jones for her first Mercedes. Ain't Amerika great?....I have a special vest she can wear.

Comment by SicknTired: Assimilate with the society you choose to life in or GTFO! This dirty little skank was put up to this by either her parents or a snake skinned lawyer or both. Show me the Caucasian that can go to a Muslim country and not wear the required clothing without being arrested, stoned to death, or flat out killed int he street.

Comment by LOL: It's a Somali world, afterall. 

Comment by CAHummingbird: Excuse me but when the Constitution was written, THERE WERE NO MUSLIMS in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! I am so sick of this PC BS! I was in the Skechers Outlet store on State College last Saturday and there was a person there wearing a full-in burka with only the eyes exposed. Sorry but I am totally offended by that. If someone wants to "worship" like that, let them go back to where they came from. And...I could care less if I'm called a racist. My Dad is a former Marine, my Father-in-Law former Army, my Husband a Viet Nam vet, my brother-in-law and my son former Army and my DAUGHTER former Marine. They did not serve this country to have foreigners come here and demand we change our way of life for them!


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