Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by NBTRIXIE: Yeah...she held him off with all that anchor baby voting...what are you guys going to do when the REAL TAXPAYERS and SMALL BUSINESSES leave So.Cal.? Who will pay for your tax payer GIMME'S then? All you Libs are just Calif. TEET SUCKERS.

Comment by STIRCRAZY: and these people wonder why we do not want the low skilled, UNEDUCATED from other countries here. If this is not solid proof of why then there is no hope for those that do not understand.

Comment by CLEGACY

: "Hispanics" for the most part don't care about the issues, only that they are voting for one of their own. Look what Loretta has done for Santa Ana, NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by PUSHTHEBUTTON: I voted for Tran because he is Vietnamese. I did not vote for sanchez because she is hispanic. Matbe now she can name a post office after her cat.

Comment by HAND76: an open racist with only one agenda to help "her kind" and no one else wins in a santuary city. surprise surprise...did they make sure all the information was in spanish and that there were spanish speakers at the polls to help illegals vote?

Comment by STIRCRAZY: clegacy she doesn't care, hell she even assisted the illegals in the past on how to vote. This woman is hispanic and as far as I can see, corruption runs in their DNA

Comment by JOHN9X: I gotta admit though loretta is kinda hot.

Comment by HAND76: john, give her a few years and a ton of tacos, burritos and tamales. she'll end up like a porky pig no doubt.

Comment by SWABBIE: A great victory for mexico. Will the last American out of Santa Ana please bring the flag.


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