Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Commen t by SWATK9: California's Most Wanted Fugitives

All Hispanic

Orange County's Most Wanted Fugitives in an article by

OC Register

Total: 38
Hispanic: 24
Asian: 3
Black: 2
White: 7
Undetermined: 2

Just the facts

Comment by ANTAREZ: Santa Ana Hispanic Gangbanger Criminal, did I leave out any other profile traits? Oh yes a shave head and probably tattoos. And who says Racial profiling doesn't work???

Comment by FROMBACKEAST: Too bad the other car couldn't shoot straight in 1993. Otherwise two bangers would be dead and the police dept would not have wasted such resources.

Comment by NAPTOWN: Santa Ana's finest. Aren't you proud mayor Pulido and the city council?


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