Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by GETRIDOFEINGPC: the aclu when first founded had good intentions but now they are far from what they used to be. Personally they should be disbanded as they are no better than the NAACP, Nation of Islam, Black Panthers, KKK, Aryan Nation and all the other hate groups that use race as a role factor in their cause. 

Comment by OCSLEEPER

: If the playing fields are not equal, then explain why certain minority groups thrive so much while others don't? Is it selective racism that is going on in your view? After all, why do Asians make more money per capita over the majority whites and other minority groups? Do the racist in this country like Asians more than they like other minority groups?

Comment by SPINOC: Muslims can't be outraged because they come from a group that statically is overwhelmingly responsible for egregrious crimes of mass murder against those that simply have a different religious and social philosophy. Freedom isn't free and if they want a part of our freedom, they're going to have to tolerate being under the cloud of suspicion....If they don't like it, perhaps the freedoms of their homeland are more suitable.

Comment by JUSTJAZZ2: Excellent point that not all Muslims are terrorists, but all the terrorists have been Muslim. 

Comment by CITIZENSOLDIER: Muslims are not the friends of this country. You are naive to the point of stupidity that endangers this country's national security if you think there are really "moderate muslims" They are not loyal to anyone but their mullahs and when the time comes they would turn on this country in a heartbeat.

Comment by LBSURFER: ACLU...Athiests....Communists...Lesbians...Undocumented Immigrants...


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