Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

We want change!!!
(Oh wait ........ we're getting it. Is it too late to get the white dude back?)

Comment by American: yeah, cuz dubya did so much better.

Comment by MJ: It's good to know we can always count on some idiot to make a racist comment. But you're not "racist" right??!! ..... Riiiiiiiiiiiggghht.

Comment by again?

: What using the racist card again? What a surprise. Why didn't you use bigot too? And prejudice? You have cried wolf so often with the racist remark now it all sounds like is Bla Bla Bla. Nobody cares any more. Obama is evil and he happens to be black, deal with it!!

Comment by Mitchell: CRACKER

Comment by Dope Fiend: JIG@BOO

Comment by Mitchell: Just say THE RACIST PIG NAME you want sooooooo badly to say instead these cute little nick-Obama names you keep using. I dare just ONE of you to do it. You CAN talk about politics and how poorly individuals are doing/not doing their jobs but please GROW UP. I certainly hope you are shielding your children from YOUR TRUE RACISM. Just type it and get it over with.


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