Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by SOUNDOFF2: Cant' we all just stab along?

Comment by LIVINREALITY: Hey SOUNDOFF2,! I love it it !!!! That's actually really funny. To answer the question. No they can't. not enough intelligence between them to get the timing right . another reason to enforce and back Arizona. I grew up in Anaheim. My father still lives there. Have watched the town go from nice to, well let's just say, we don't visit him there anymore. He comes to our place in a much nicer town. 

Comment by MUADIB: So "STABBAHEIM" has another illegal alien stabbing to be proud of. Good job ! Lets give the criminal trespssers already here citizenship and allow more of these animals into our country to cause problems. Wee need the cheap labor right?

Comment by JACK2010

: Sad story. It's obvious that alcohol + weapons = violence. I hope that young people learn from this incident and stay away from such gatherings.

Comment by SUPPORTSSB1070: jack 2010 what are you talking about. This is a great story. That is one less gang member that society has to deal with or pay  for when he ends up in prison.

Comment by OCTRUTHSQUAD: Of course this story is filled with vile disgusting cruel racist comments from bigots. [Editor's Note: this story did have an unusually high volume of deleted comments]. Its a safe bet that these people are card carrying members of either/and/or GOP, NRA, Tea party, Hutaree, Ku Klux Klan, Nascar, or some polygamy sect. I just pretty much described the right wing of America.

Comment by PAYSTAXES1: Anchor babies.

Comment by YODAJR: Population control in the Mexican society - There's nothing we can do about it. That's what gangs do, and I care less about them.


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