Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by APOCHROMATIC: What a surprise. Five out of five stories making headlines on OCR are committed by those of hispanic surnames.

Comment by RUFUS1: All you dopes that bought into the artist village garbage with the slick campaign or the artist lifestyle in a filthy sewer like Santa Ana are completely insane. What, you thought the savages would leave you alone because you were living the hip urban lifestyle? You did not think that these filthy gang bangers would not come to your hip urban area and stick a gun in your side and take your money?!? Anyone who lives in or near Santa Ana should expected to be treated to "Rich Culture" that you've heard so much about - e.g. being robbed and shot...


: Just another example of the wonderful Mexican culture that we have imported to California. Isn't our multiculturalism great?

Comment by SOUTHOC: Santa Ana is not safe, call your embassy.

Comment by WBTHOMAS: of course they're hispanics if the cops get close to their trail, they're just gonna book it to Mexico and come back in a few months when the case is close, that's why they should just shut the border down completely and not let any more roaches in (White Power)

Comment by QUAGMIRO: It's simple people. Just don't come here. Stay in your safe haven and lock yourself up in your jail, I mean gated community. Just stop your whinning!!


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