Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: The Block to Change Name, Add More Outlet Stores

Comment by LES: How about the Orange Barrio Outlet? Once it catches on, people will say "Let's go to OBO", and watch the gang bangers walk around aimlessly.

Comment by NAMELESS: "The Orange Barrio Outlet"

Racism, for the win.

Comment by HALO34: there is nothing racist about this comment you moron! he is speaking the truth!

Comment by OBOZO THE PREZ: "The Orange Hispanic Slum Barrio Outlet"

Fixed to appease the butthurt mexicants

Comment by Mr. EDINBURGH: How about renaming it, The Block of Gangs? Unless it's a tattoo parlour, a white tank top outlet, or a baggy pants store, any business to open in that location are fools.

Comment by EL BLOCKO: The Block is filled with filthy slobs who can't speak english.

Comment by NAMELESS: Teenagers are welcome if they're Caucasian. Otherwise they're "shady characters".... It saddens me how much racism-blatant and otherwise-is demonstrated on these boards. I would have hoped that by 2010 we'd all be a bit more open-minded about other cultures.

Comment by JJ: Don't be surprised. It's Orange County.

Comment by PATRICIA: This is appaliing. There are so many messycans at the block that I'm always afraid of getting mugged or beaten up. That is why I am voting for Meg Whitman on November 2nd.

Comment by LONNIE: I'm mexican and I'm laughing....


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