Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by LIBERALSUCK: islamophobia is code word for race card. It is no different then the libtards calling those of us that are against illegal immigration, racist. I could care less what these people call m as their opinions mean jack and i will continue to speak how I see fit until Obama takes away the 1st amendment right from us. 

Comment by OCSECULARIST: Racism? Islam is NOT a race, but an ideology, an intolerant, oppressive, and unenlightened ideology, incompatible with Democracy, Modernity and Western civilization. The backlash against Islamic aggression, Islamic imperialism is growing across America and around the world. America, and the world will NOT submit to barbary, to Islam. Convert, or move to Dubai, Muslims!


: There is no reason to say Islam is evil. I am a Muslim! And i have never and never will purposely hurt a man or women in anyway (Unless in self defense) I SWEAR to god! I will never hurt a person! Those terrorist who have bombed places are idiots, the ARE NOT a good example of Islam, hell they aren't an example at all! they aren't real muslims!!!! Islam teaches us not to kill! Therefore they cannot ever be muslim! And I have no vendetta towards ANY other religion! I beleive if we are good, despite what we have learned, christian, jew, or muslim. we can go to heaven if we love god and aren't RACIST like some of Jerks on pages like this! ASALAAM WA ALYKAM! PEACE BE UPON YOU ALL HUMAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS WHO ARE GOOD!

Comment by NEWHARTDAD: Islam is evil. You worship a false desert moon god, and your prophet was weak man visited by Satan in a cave. The proof is in the fruits of your faith. Turn on the news! See what Mohamed has brought to the Earth. A Muslim can only be one of two things; deceived or a deceiver. 

Comment by LOUF55: Pretty standard fare from Ms. Cabrera. At least this time it wasn't about an illegal immigrant, with children, who wants to live the American dream but wants to do it by their own rules instead of doing it the correct way. 

Comment by KAPTIN: Ironically, this article and the comments criticizing it work hand in hand. If Cabrera's piece didn't convince you that islamophobia is all around us, the comments section certainly should. 


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