Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by TANDMMONTE: you can bet his parents are illegals the gangbangers in our city are all products of illegals . these people are ruining this city the infestation of illegals who breed and work the system welfare housing medical foodstamps the crimes continue daily getting worse by the minute santa ana has become a haven for illegals with no respect for our city. they repeatliy commit crimes this city is no longer safe!! mayor and council members keep up the great work how much more can the city of santa ana take!!


: Execute all gangbangers!

Comment by SURFERDUDE: Give us the name and address of this spawn's parents. So we may go beat some parenting skills into them. 

Comment by MIKELAWRY135: I would love to thank the Santa Ana City Council for being absolutely worthless while "la raza" continues to be the biggest victims of the trash that their sanctuary city policies protect.

Comment by PERRIER: They are not going to get rid of them until they are asking City Council Members "where they're from" and shoting bullets.

Comment by SOUTHOC: If they say they are from Mexico maybe they will be left alone.


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