Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: School Remembers Athlete, Dad Lost in Crash

Comment by VASQUEZ1: Angel Lopez of Anaheim, was treated for minor injuries and later arrested on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated.

nuff said....

Comment by TP2000: The Register should do a story about how absolutely NO ONE in the community will mourn the loss of scuzzy youth Angel Lopes from society. Angel Lopez will go to prison for the next few decades, while a few of his shaved-headed cousins and brothers try and tell us he was a good kid who just partied a bit too much and was framed by racist cops. Otherwise, scum like Lopez won't be missed. Too bad there's a hundred thousand other worthless punks like Angel Lopez in Santa Ana and Anaheim ready to step into his shoes.


: I wondering if this punk is think that drinking makes him Macho now.

Comment by OCREBEL: AttaBoy TURBODAD! [Note: TURBODAD's original comment was deleted by the Register] Let's make this about illegals and not individual idiots! Would you have been hyappier if the other driver was Irish, or Canadien? Would that make it less worthy of your comments? My faith in the racist bloggers on this site is never disappointed.

Now back to what is actually important. This sounds like a wonderful young man, and a Father that made him that way. What a tragic loss for all of us, even those who did not know them or attend that school (myself included). RIP, and let's all learn from this...

Comment by TURBODAD: You're right, i jumped to conclusions and should not have. He is a moron for driving drunk, and perhaps he is Irish or Canadien? (NOT!)


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