Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by FCPROP: Hispanics, but of course!! I am just waiting for the argument about the white gangs that lurk in OC and have drive by's and are rounded-up in daily gang sweeps. I am waiting..

Comment by QUAGMIRO: Nope your right they dont. They are too chicken shit. But you do have the nazi lowriders that commit hate crimes. Read up on it. Since you seem to have interest in Hispanic gangs. while your at it you can also read about the Christian Militia and the trench coat mafia.

Comment by GOTSURF: Cops should have just shot them and then deported their flea riddled carcasses back to our neighbors to the south of the border. Make a statement. Oops I guess that wasn't PC. I probably just offended some gang banger supporters. Oh no!

Comment by GEDDESG: shocking.. all mexicans

Comment by SOUTHOC

: Deport them to little TJ (Santa Ana)

Comment by MDANIEL6: This is why I won't live in that part of Costa Mesa no matter how many people say "it not that bad." Taco Mesa's good during daylight hours though.

Comment by SOUTHOC: I would worry about that if I were you. I have heard enough references to additional ingredients into the food. I understand enough Spanish to know what they are saying.

Comment by FCPROP: Your only supporting illegal behavior by eating in these establishments in their neighborhood. I am sure the place is filled with illegal workers.

Comment by THOMAS09: A bunch of illegal aliens and anchor babies, the direct result of illegal immigration!

Comment by JOLAND7: It's hard to keep an open mind and not leave a racial slur when arrest after arrest after arrest of gang members are all latino. Hope all of these men rot in jail.

Comment by GETALIFEYOU: Arrest everybody with the last name that ends in "Z" and you'll clean up the neighborhoods....I hate POS gang members and I miss the day's when cops had no fear of anybody telling when they took these hoodlums behind the packing houses and knocked some sense into them. I really miss those day's.


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