Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Woman Arrested in Hate-Graffiti Case

Comment by SOUNDOFF5: This is just the tip of the iceberg. Kim Henry is the leader of an angry, white, middle aged tagging crew in Orange County.

Comment by GWESTLIE: How shocking, I thought Pep Boys only sold spray paint to illegals


: Deport her back to finland!

Comment by SHATTEREDUSA: I can't believe it was a white person doing it. What are the odds? They must be one in a million . . . like getting struck with lightning or winning the lottery. It's almost always a hispanic or black kid with the spray can in hand. This is unusual to say the least.

Comment by DAN413: ANother illiterate white "supremacist." Doesn't sound like minorities need to worry about HER taking over the world!!! I wonder how many tatoos she has...

Comment by QUAGMIRO: I wonder what her nickname was on the OCracister. Hmm? I know she had to be one of those racist people in here.

Comment by HBREALIST: blah blah blah...racist racist racist....you should really just STFU and maybe just leave the website...then you wont have to deal with it.

Comment by LINDA5: Racism? I don't see the connection.

Comment by SHATTEREDUSA: Mayube she was talking about the large number of La Raza racists that exist in the SouthWest. I've read they even hunt black people.

Comment by TRUEAME: She's mentally ill? So I guess most of you that post stuff here are mentally ill. Wake up LINDA5 racism still exists

Comment by DAN18NY: See we're all crazy, not just Mexicans. We can finally put this race thing to rest...lol


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