Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Man Can't Compete with Illegal Workers

Comment by SDOFOC: This guy is complaining about Mexicans taking his jobs when, in reality, he should be pissed off at all the white folks hiring these people.

Comment by HBFOREVER: you get what you pay for . . . no reputable contractor uses these border jumpers, and guess what is going to happen when the job goes to crap? you think you're going to find them ever again? ha!

Comment by WATEROTTER: One of the reasons illegals can work for so cheap is that they stuff 20+ people into a one- or two-bedroom apartment. Each person pays about $50 per month for rent. That's why they can afford to spend hundreds a month on their cars. That many people stuffed into a little apartment is a hazard, but who cares? As long as they don't live next door to me. . . . Lots of clown houses exist in or near downtown Santa Ana.

Comment by ALTEREGO58: Santa Ana is a clown house.

Comment by NOUCANT: Welcome to the new California. . . . Third-world charm at its best.


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