Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by TOMNORANGE: One "Jose Gomez" driving his Chebie in Santa Ana? What are the odds.

Is Gomez French?

Comment by MAAK2SADE: Third world heritage...

Comment by EVILTWIN: Saturday night in Sanctuary city.

Comment by MV2LADERA

: future recipients of the DREAM act

Comment by KETCHEM: I didn't even have to read the article after the HEADLINE but instantly knew what nationality the person was. WOW and they say Californian's should welcome immigration! Am i missing something here or are we all just too dumb to recognize the major problem these people cause our society?

Comment by ILOVEOC: Fence off the city. Keep them idi*ts inside the borders.

Comment by SAILBUM: I am disturbed by some of the racist comments....I am as against illegal immigration as the next person, but nationality has nothing to do with this tragedy. While some crimes are far more prevalent in the hispanic community, 'huffing' substances like nitrous oxide, glue, paint thinner, etc. is as much of a problem with middle class and rich suburban white kids and young adults as it is with minorities.


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