Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by SCHULTZIE: YVette, it is people with your thinking that have ruined AMERICA. If you come to AMERICA then act, speak and live like and AMERICAN. Speak english, pay taxes, and do not live like you live in a third world country by selling bathtub cheese, etc.

Comment by OCGIRLY56

: If ILLEGALS are so hardworking and wonderful, how come their country sucks? No one can answer this question for some reason...hmmmmmm.

Comment by 4YROCNATIVE: Let's be honest Yvette, are you an anchor baby? I'm taking a wild guess and saying you are...

Comment by OCGIRLY56: If Mexicans are so great, how come Mexico sucks? You guys suck and bring your crappy lifestyle over here. Get out and don't let the border wall hit you on the way out!


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