Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Jewelry Robbers and Copycats Follow Pattern

Comment by XORANGECOUNTY: How long will it be until people realize So Calif is merely northern Mexico now? The Los Angelization of Orange County began decades ago................it is never going to safe again. Gangs from LA to the North, floods of illegals to the south......DUH! Where to residents believe they are, some artificial illusionary 'safe' Disneyland? I visit occasionally, but don't miss the menusia that has become Orange County today

Comment by ASKSTEVE: Homeys gotta have da bling-bling, know what I'm sayin. Time to get bars on the windows O.C.

Comment by OCAVATAR

: The Zetas are obtaining funds for purchasing weapons using local illegal immigrants. Maybe they will cut to the chase and just rob the sporting good stores for their guns. So much for a secure border. As soon as the beheadings start in Santa Ana, Napolitano might take the insecure border more seriously.

Comment by VORTEXALLEY: And all along I thought that hispanics were law abiding, hard working people who came here because they love America...boy was I wrong.


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