Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Men Rob Liquor Store of Money, Beer

Comment by COMMONSENSE55: Another hoodie bandido caper. No surprise there!

Comment by AINTLIFEGRAND: I would type a completely truthful and yet at the same time very witty comment but it would probably be removed.

Comment by ECJBMAS: The clerk shoulda put a bullet in his bean-loving, worthless face. Woulda made the world a better place.




Actually, the man in the gray hoody looks like Barack Obama, and the person behind him Harry Reid.

Comment by MEXICANHATER: no comment

Comment by EMHERNANDEZ08: I'd love to have you over my house.

Comment by VERAJEAN: I'm impressed. Do you really hate all of them? Had to ask...

Comment by VORTEXALLEY: And OBLAME-UH says our borders are secure. These guys look like they're FOT. (fresh off trailer).

Comment by SANITYNOW: The usual suspects. big surprise. the clerk should have shot him. these guy's will do this again and again until caught or killed (the preferred method of crime control)

Comment by GWESTLIE: Put up a cerveza & jalapeno for a reward for these gangbangers and they'll all be in jail in 30 seconds, cause their hombres wont be able to resist that offer.

Comment by MV2LADERA: well ill b, you've got this lot stealing beer whilst their friends steal car tires in Costa Mesa, and to think if they dont get caught they're probably candidates to steal your son or daughters seat at uni.

bring on the DREAM act!

Comment by EMHERNANDEZ08: There they are and there they'll stay. Nothing you can do about it... And it ain't the White States of America buddy. Get used to it.


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