Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: D.A. Arrests Cripple White Supremacist Gang

Comment by OCFAN92648: Congratulations to all those involved in operation stormfront to identify and prosecute these racist gang members. We all should feel safer knowing that those that promote violence are off our streets. I would like to see some perspective on the violence and dangers of these gang members compared to others. When we read that over 30K Mexicans have been killed recently due to drug gang violence and much of it is flowing into America with very little resistance and restriction, I do wonder about priorities....I'm honestly wondering if we are missing the stories of white gang violence compared to the Latino Gang violence in Orange County.

Comment by RUFUS1: You crippled an entire gang by arresting 34 members and one shotcaller who was in the joint....? Must be a pretty small gang. 340 arrests would not even make a dent in the Hispanic gang bangers just in one small section of Santa Ana and these are the guys actually killing people on a weekly basis....I sure hope they don't try to get a gang injunction against this powerful 34 membe4r white gang as I'm  sure that the ACLU, who is so concerned about everyone's rights, will step up and defend them.

Comment by EVILTWIN: Great. Now the D.A. needs to move into Santa Ana to take the garbage out.

Comment by YODAJR: White supremacist... White supremacist... White supremacist.... White supremacist... White supremacist...White supremacist....White supremacist....

So what???

I'm proud to be white. Others are proud with their own skin.

Comment by SHATTERED2011: Calling it Operation Stormfront is really stupid. The government is so involved with pushing everyone around and exercising thought control toward their Marxist PC ideal. They might as well just call it Operation Kill Whitey and be honest.

Comment by GOMEZJ: These are really illegals. As well all orange county racists know illegals are the only people that commit crime in orange county. This is a cover up they are all Mexican illegals dont let this story fool you. They need to go back to their country tired of these illegals and their crime


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