Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Gays Back at Tet Parade after Controversial 2010

Comment by TIMSCAVO: I have enormous compassion for homosexuals, as I do for drug addicts, alcoholics and even felons.

Comment by SOUNDOFF5: A compassionate bigot. How nice.

Comment by VIECUNG: sick perverts hijacking my cultural event. This is a cultural event, not a sexual event. You don't see other adults humping eachother on this parade you sick animals.

Comment by ADRIAN88

: Next year the Vietnamese Shoe-Fetish Organization will also be in the parade, followed by the Vietnamese Bondage/Discipline/Sado-Masochism Organization. After all, they are "no different," right?

Comment by SHATTEREDUSA: What a bunch of degenerates.

Comment by WICKEDWHITE: Why are there never any lipstick lesbian pictures? Total one sided reporting.....

Comment by SOUNDOFF5: I'm with ya. All we get is a pic of Victor and Charlie making out.

Comment by DINA100: I want to throw up. This is SO SICK!

Comment by SHINGO: I've always thought it interesting that the Vietnamese community is so un-accepting of others when they entered the US as refugees. Personally, I thought the refugee status was dangerous at the time as the US had no idea who was or was not Viet Cong. I view them as illegal immigrants given a node of OK by Nixon.


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