Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by MICHAELNOC: Another day, another reason to HOMESCHOOL! All we need to know about Islam, we learned on 9/11!

Comment by RUFUS1: Remember, if Hitler was stopped at Munich, millions would not have perished....As to Islam, we should just stick to the truth and not let Political Correctness slip a noose around our necks. We need to accept the good and the bad. The "it's a religion of peace" fog and gas is getting a little long in the tooth for thinking people to stomach any more. If all the conflicts in the world, about 95% are due to Muslims who can't get along with their neighbors. Only scorn, opprobrium and pressure from an educated and rightfully suspicious American public will shape the future attitudes and behavior of Muslims in America.

Comment by DAVEP0103: I'd approve use of my tax money on this supplemental material. All I ask is that you add a sentence in the material that says, "Not all Muslims are terrorists, but 100% of terrorists are Muslim."

Comment by ONRAGE

: So they're mad because the textbooks don't portray Islam as the bogey man as they see it? 

Comment by VBMKF1: No, they probably want the rapist, murderous, thieving pedophile portrayed accurately.


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