Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by TRUX1965: In the name of fairness, let's flush California down the toilet letting this kind of filth in. Law abiding taxpayers will pay for it...........SURE!

Comment by PUSHTHEBUTTON: The face of amnesty.


: Wow! He looks like a model citizen to me! Best not mention anything about his place of birth or immigration status or Obama will want to sue you and La Raza will call you a RACIST!

Comment by 221614: They are slowly taking over other cities. OC will soon be just like SA

Comment by THEBIG9ER: Sit down everyone, ready?...The Latino man was carrying a knife, police said. 

Comment by OCSLEEPER: most illegals are Mexicans....but not all Mexicans are illegals. So please, unless someone with knowledge about who this guy is, let's just leave race or his immigration status of out it.

Comment by OGREADMORE: I am third generation as well, and to be quite honest, only consider myself an American. I absolutely hate saying Mexican-American because other than the blood in my veins, nothing about me is Mexican. My family doesn't even speak Spanish. I am ashamed of being hispanic...wish I wasn't.

Comment by STEVESMITH: morons....racial profiling works, its efficient and accurate

Comment by ANGELS09: In Juvenile Hall over 80% are hispanic, enough said!


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