Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Santa Ana Trains Mexican Firefighters

Comment by EPAPLIA: It'd be nice if Mexico and the Middle East would just disappear off the map. No one would miss them...

Comment by SEROTEPODRIDO: i can understand the middle east, but where are we gonna get our tacos and burritos now smart guy?

Comment by THYSBUDS4U

: Although Santa Ana appears to be in Mexico, it is actually in the United States .There are thousands of small volunteer Fire Departments in the USA that could use this kind of help. Santa Ana ought not to illegally give taxpayer property and time to Mexico until all the needs in the USA are taken care of first.

Comment by EMHERNANDEZ: I'm thinking your logic would be different if perhaps the country that was being helped were not Hispanic???

Comment by SEROTEPODRIDO: even worse they're mexican.


Comment by SSHOE: nice to see our tax dollars at work training the cartels - erhhh I mean the Mexican firefighters. I wonder how many of the Mexi firefighters will one day be jumping the border fence?

Comment by HBKID714: As a member of the Santa Ana Fire Department, I wish to express my sincere embarrassment and disbelief in some of the post some of you have displayed. The 6 fighters that are here from Guerrero, Mexico are a great group of men that have never had any type of organized training. They are not provided with the equipment needed to do their jobs. For them to come to the U.S. and train with the SAFD is a dream come true for them. For all of you complaining about tax dollars being spent, most of the training these guys are receiving are from members of the SAFD that have volunteered their own time. We are not being paid to help great men from Mexico. We do it out of the kindness of our hears and we seem them as the real heroes.

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