Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by ELGUEST: Get out of Mexico whitey! You are ruining our country!

Comment by GREENLUNCH: I wonder how many illegal U.S. residents living in Mexico are breeding like rats, filling the emergency rooms and prisons and over-burdonung the Mexican schools with their anchor babies. I wonder why the author of this article left out this information? Perhaps it doesn't fit well with her agenda


: This argument doesn't amount to a hill of beans (no Mexican pun intended).

Comment by 57PARROTHEAD: Big difference, Cindy... the illegals that go from here to Mexico have money, don't go on welfare when they get there, don't start popping out babies they can't afford to support, and don't riot over perceived or imagined injustices. Most of them however, fail to acquire Spanish. Just like most of our illegals don't bother to even TRY to learn English.

Comment by LIBERALSSUCK: Hey Cindy, you, Yvette [Cabrera] the Dirty Sanchez sisters, Boxer, Obama and the rest of the Liberal Open border morons need to get it through your thick skulls. We do not have a need, want or tolerance for the illegal filth that comes into our country. They will never be accepted no matter how hard you try to shove it down our throats and all you are doing by showing your biased towards illegals is pushing more people towards our side. So in essence, thank you, for you are helping to stir up the anger towards illegals.

Comment by SOCAJAM: We will gladly hire Dog the Bounty Hunter to round-up our few thousand illegal aliens in Mexico if we can throw out the MILLIONS of illegal Mexicans that are squatting here-sucking the life out of our nation. 

Comment by PAUVREPAPILLON: Remember the Alamo.


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