Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by sailbyme: You sure it's not because they're taxed out of the state? You'd be crazy to move or start a business in this state. I'm moving my business to North Carolina in the fall. My new house is on three acres with a pond and out buildings for a third  of what I paid for my current home. Not to mention 1200 sq ft bigger. Biggest plus? Not a mexican to be found.

Comment by Steamraiser: Oh! Your comment is going to get erased.LOL
Comment by Tom Peranteau: And here are 40 more people that are enjoying Obama's "Recovery Summer". I'll pray for them.

Comment by Roland Feisler: Obviousy you did not read the story, it had to do with corporate restructuring. Where does that fall in the scope of being the presidents fault? Instead of lame comments why not look at the bright side. At least they kept the jobs in the USA instead of being traitors and sending the jobs to Indonesia or china. 

Comment by OC92837: And I and all other tax payers are paying for them along with the rotten sick baby machines!....This state has no hope no mater who is control! They just need to hand the keys over to Mexico!

Comment by yearight: The area I'll be moving to is over 94% white, beat that! :) IOh yea, and the primary language is ENGLISH.

Comment by Fred: Just learn to speak Spanish, don't expect them to learn English.....last American to leave be sure and take the flag!


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