Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: People Keep Moving Out of OC

Comment by AREAMAN714: ...i guess 'unauthorized is the new illegal...yes, when a guy decides to rob a bank, it is 'unauthorized' activity...

Comment by CALSLIDE: In other words....For every taxpaying businessman moving himself and his business out, we have two illegal aliens moving in.

This should end well.

Comment by NATHAN: I would venture more to say, 7 to 10 illegals moving in. You have to take into account their litter that they will be bringing with them.

Comment by ROB

: California is a sinking ship. The politicians and liberal voters have taken paradise and are turning it into hell. The cities of Los Angeles, Oakland, and Santa Ana come to mind. I myself will leave soon. Hello Alaska.

Comment by M: ca is a dead horse--and until they flyush the swamp back to mexico--ca is done

Comment by TRUE: It's all the asians, middle easterners, and other immigrants that are unbearable. If I lived in OC, I'd move too.

Comment by SAMUELBERG: don't forget the meth-head white trash

Comment by AGEOFKNOWLEDGE: samuelberg, I've lived here almost fifty years and never met a meth-head white trash. Is that a jewish-fear pathos thing or something?

Comment by BROWN BRUIN: Californians aren't wasting tax payer dollars. Take a look at California government and public schools...All of them are filled wwith Mexicans. California government will proliferate the Mexicans and give more tax payer funded services to illegal Mexcans-FOREVER.

Si Sepuede!

Comment by JORGE RODRIGUEZ: Why can't mexicans put toilet paper in the toilet and flush. So unsanitary.

Comment by JP: Jorge: It's easier to toss it out their car windows.

Comment by CADRE77: Too many MEXICANS getting free medical and education. We are tired of paying for them. MEXICANS go back to your rat infested corrupt country and leave us alone. I do appreciate that some of you mow my lawn and pick my strawberries.


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