Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by JUNKY0205: I can't wait until the police blow their brain out.

Comment by GEDDESG: maybe we didn't give these mexicans enough state aid so they are supplementing their income to feed their 13 illegitimate children! (#*$##$ santa ana...why can't it explode?

Comment by VEXVIPER: I hope the cops catch these scum bags! And those weapon they have are probably stolen as well. And they probably live in Santa Ana too.

Comment by GRAPHXBIZ: I didn't have to read any further than the title "Video Shows robbers with shotgun, handgun" to know that Santa Ana was probably involved.

Comment by GETALIFEYOU: I seriously don't think these guys are from Santa Ana, if I can picture right in my head most of these robberies have been near the 22 hreeway..

Comment by SANITYNOW: You are right. crime exists everywhere. look at the FBI Crime stats. for violent crimes. Detroit, Oakland, DC, St. Louis, Newark, Camden NJ, etc. etc. These cities are almost unlivable. Mostly black I am afraid to say. Very few exceptions.

These should not be role models for Hispanics! Saying that there are other cities that have more crime or the crimes are mostly black committed is not exactly a good argument. I live in OC! I have seen the slow but sure destruction of town after town area after area from one group. if you deny that then you are in complete denial.


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