Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by UGLYINLA: Tran...its over...give it up. Its not your fault. After years of voter apathy, the 47th has been turned into a barrio. A simple stroll down to Santa Ana is all one needs to see to understand what has manifested over the last decade. Santa Ana is completely mexican. South Anaheim is completely mexican. Graffiti, abandoned shopping carts, streets lined with cars for sale, trash everywhere, and over crowding on every block. Every two car garage on our street is used as living quarters if mexicans are living there. and those chihuahuas. Yipping and yapping non stop day and night. The neighborhood is dying of a cancer. It will never recover.


: How about Garden Grove? Its all Viet Nam doesn't look very American to me, and how about China town, huh?

Comment by JOYDBARRA: Were it not for the Illegals voting, he might have won.

Comment by OPENMINDED2009: Speak English Tran this isn't Viet nam it's still America and english is the language.

Comment by LUVDAISIES: How many of you were born here in the USA? Our politicians have sold our country to China, India, etc, etc. Can anyone speak English anymore? Our City's don't even look like America. There's China town, Santa Ana is Tijuana, Koran town; and when I went to school, we were not allowed to speak any other language but English, period. Not even our politicians speak English.


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