Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Groups Sue FBI Over Muslim Surveillance

Comment by RAMJET2: It doesn't matter if the FBI is watching the muslim community. WE are watching the muslim community and where ever they go WE pay special attention to what they do, what they carry and how they are dressed. As Bill O'Reilly, Fox news, and others have said repeatedly there is a Muslim problem in the world today and nobody is fooled by their rhetoric that they are a peaceful religion. Sorry, try again

Comment by SPEAKSOFTLY: I for one am REALLY glad they are watching, keep it up. Shouldn't church be a place they can be observed? What's to hide, they can come to my church and watch me any time. Yes, with 227 mosques in California alone, we "infidels" need to keep watching.

Comment by GWESTLIE: If all these bedsheet wearing terrorists don't have anything to hide then whats the big deal? Are they afraid the FBI might discover the secret rooms where they are stocking up on bomb belts to strike when they get the word from their leaders?

Comment by MICHEALNOC: The A.C.L.U. & C.A.I.R. Now there's a couple of patriotic American organizations for ya...one's full of Commies & the other is funded by the Muslim Brotherhood...AKA.."Muzzie Terrorists for Hire".....

Sooner or later, we are gonna have to "take out the trash!"



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