Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Pedestrian Robbed at Knifepoint in Santa Ana

Comment by SUPPERROOSTER: Culture

Comment by VASQUEZ1: What the headline should read is:

Pedestrian robbed at knifepoint in Santa Ana and wasn't stabbed. Robbers failed to ask victim where he was from.

News at 11!

Comment by JOLAND7

: I don't understand why stories like this are news. Anaheim, Santa Ana, Corona, etc. are all crap holes and have been crap holes for years. (I wonder why?) If you go into one of these cities, there's a strong possibility you'll be robbed, shot at or killed. There have only been eight days to this year, and we've had multiple stories about robberies, shootings, stabbings and domestic-violence reports in these cities. The next story (probably in a few hours) should just read, "Yet Another Violent Crime in Crap Hole City."

Comment by AINTLIFEGRAND: What's that? A knife used in a robbery in Santa Ana? Wow .  . . I am shocked and stunned to think something like that could ever happen in such an otherwise pleasant, safe city.

Comment by USERNAME: Yeah. Santa Ana: The All American City.

Comment by KSLIMINOC4: Is that still printed on the water tower? Let me guess: It's painted in Red, White & Green paint.


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