Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by NAPTOWN: Good job of parenting as usual in Santa Ana.

Comment y CPTREALITY: It passes the Smell test for me. Why? Because of the lack of fundamental education in the Minority Hispanic Neighborhoods. All bet a wooden nickel you could walk up and down any street in Santa Ana and no one would know the funamental rule of, "Don't put a head injury to bed and allow them to sleep."


: Get used to it people. Obummer has made his needed votes more popular than protecting the citizens of this country. CA is now been labeled a sanctuary state and the illegals are headed here to ensure they bankrupt our state. Ten to one, these are mostly anchor babies or illegals. They just drop those little welfare checks like litters of kittens. All about those $$$. Did you see the special on migrant workers children?? They had their kids out in the fields as 4-5 yr olds for $$$, not mentioning their welfare checks at home. Shame!!

Comment by OCAVATAR: Santa Ana, population 345,000 and 80% HIspanic. THat is 276,000 Hispanics not counting many illegals. Try and guess how many illegals live in Santa Ana and add that figure to the 276,000 Hispanics documented there. Think of the Santa Ana PD budgeted to address a population of 345,000 and actually addressing 445,000 or more...The violence and murder rate will only go up until it reaches the level of violence in Mexico. As a sanctuary city Santa Ana is inadvertently encouraging more violence...

Comment by GIANTJESUS: South Raitt has been a cesspool as far back as the 1960's. No news here, move along.

Comment by QUAGMIRO: Blah blah blah. Yaaaaawn. Same old boring ignorant comments. They are not funny anymore. They are just simply boring. Especially the Stabba Ana and the sanctuary city. They are as boring as your life. So get a life and get out from under that rock you live in. Get some fresh air. I bet you can't wait to get up this morning and find something about Santa Ana so you can comment your lame thoughts on. They OCracister feeds you Santa Ana for breakfast I bet.


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