Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: 6 Arrested After Melee at Santa Ana Party (Part 2)

Comment by FROGCA: Somebody said it earlier, but I have to concur. It's something about Mexican culture about loving to play loud music and sharing it with the world. You see them in their cars with the music causing minor earthquakes. When they throw these parties, they bring the biggest PA system money can buy. Just drive through Santa Ana on a Saturday and you will see tons of these trucks loaded with concert equipment headed for somebody's backyard or a truck loaded with the Mexican edition of the Ohio Players. If you're lucky to live next to one of these parties, don't plan on using your driveway because it will be blocked by some drunk who could not find parking and decided your driveway will do.

Comment by KSLIMINOC4: Well, at least it wasn't another shooting or stabbing. I'm sure it's just their culture to live in a mobile home and host a party of 50 people.

Comment by OCMEGA: Here we go, another exciting spin of the wheel of the Mexican Loteria! WIN CASH and prizes! Yeah, we know.....Let's spin the wheel of excuses and the categories are, These are not my pants, This is not my gun, he was a good boy and attends a UC, I didn't know the car was stolen, I ran because I had no idea you were the police and I thought you were going to rob me. Why would any person with common sense and respect for their neighbors bring 50 plus people, DRINKING, in to a mobile home....par for the course in Santa Ana.

Orange County would be such a better place without Santa Ana. This is a city that makes the news daily about crime, drugs and gangs. I don't ever remember anything positive coming from this city. I wish there was a way we can just make this city go away

Comment by ZZYZX618: Sell it back to Mexico. No can't do that. There's a desert near Arizona, we could sell it to Mexico, make a wall around it and ship all Mexicans there. Voila, problems solved.

Comment by HEYMISTER: Santa Ana is a dump, a sewer and you know who is the poop.

Comment by NEIMAN1: Viva LaRaza. We don't need no stinkin borders.

Comment by TP2000: What an excellent example of the wonderful "Diversity" that Santa Ana brings to our county.


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