Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Volunteers Bring Holiday Cheer for Children in Santa Ana

Comment by TRAPPORT: Not being racist but there are white famililes in Santa Ana, were none at this event?

Comment by TOMPERANTEAU: As long as it is only the Hispanics that mention color, it is okay. The moment a white person mentions color, the worthless among us jump on the race card.

Comment by EARTHALIENZ: Yes, you are being racist. If all you can think of is race in a Christmas related article in a predominately Latin community, it is obvious to all that you pointing out the race of the people in the story is all that matters to you.

Comment by SUPERROOSTER: Welcome to America.

Comment by 221614: I doubt they would of turned a white person away but I bet they would make sure you knew you weren't welcome. Someone should do this for white kids next year, Turkey instead of the spicy food.

Comment by OCBENGALS: I'm willing to bet money that the majority of the people aren't really needy but heard of the "FREE" food and toy give away from close friends and relatives. I saw ICE should promote a "free" giveaway and round them all up....


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