Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Woman Charged in Fatal Mexican States Argument

Comment by 0600999: Arguing over which mexican state is better is like arguing that solid poop smells better than diarrhea.

Comment by PERRIER: Someone should build a HUGE TOILET to flush these criminals down and back to their "great state" (country). or build a HUGE ROACH TRAP, roaches get in but they can't get out. Good riddance! They contribute absolutely nothing positive to our society and I hate knowing that my tax dollars support them!

Comment by HEYMISTER

: Their government already built a big toilet, it's called Mexico.

Comment by MRCARLITOSLOCO: I love how everybody with a hispanic last name is illegal!! lmao keep talking yo mess white people....lmao we aint going back!!

Comment by 221614: we will see about that....all you pigs need to go home

Comment by MRWANG: Hey Carlito, The Restroom needs cleaning and sweep the floor while you at it

Comment by KISSIEMES: Bucking feaners.


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