Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Racial Graffiti Investigated as a Hate Crime

Comment by NOTSAM2: Why are the majority of employees Asian or black?

Comment by THEFOOLONTHEHILL: What an insanely stupid question...

Comment by HUNTERR83: Why are the majority of cowboys white? Why are the majority of people in Africa African?

Comment by NOUCANT

: More of that rich mexican culture is popping up....Yes the third world is here......

Comment by SOUTHOC: If there were no "affordable" housing it wouldn't be an issue. Stop enabling poverty.

Comment by BLACKDOG: Writing words on a wall is a "hate crime" but Black Panthers standing in front of a polling place with clubs, attempting to intimidate voters is not a crime. This whole politically correct nonsense is bad for this country. ...Are Americans turning into pu$$ies. I think so. The rest of the world with common sense will eat us alive.


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