Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by BOBEXOC: Just another day in Sanctuary Ana. Crime is not really "news" there anymore."

Comment by OCTITAN05: Saw this story on the enws this morning and before they announced what city this occurred in, I bet my wife $20.00 that this happened in Santa Ana. I had a 50/50 chance of being right and I WON!!!

Like everyone else says, just business as usual in Santa "sanctuary" Ana!!

Comment by FCPROP: This city will be broke eventually just like Maywood. Many thanks to illegal immigration.

Comment by CITIZENSOLDIER: Sheriff Hutchins needs to loosen up he restrictions on CCW permits. This state needs to instate SHALL ISSUE CCW's to qualified law abiding citizens to allow them to protect themselves from the criminals that run rampant in this Sanctuary City with mayor Pulido's blessing! It's time to stand up to these criminals!

Comment by GETALIFEYOU: I think that the Mayor Santa Ana being from Mexico is not realizing that this is America and not Mexico. If he wants violence he needs to pack up and go home and run for Political office there..

Comment by OBAMAFUSCATION: How Long Do We Have To Put Up With This Crap...E verify and stop the entitlements....clean up this Cesspool hell hole called Santa Ana and all of the violent psychopaths, sociopaths and Welfare, Section 8 and Food stamp Losers from other counties

Comment by BBLVNVELPHY: Its sad that this has happened. Someones life was lost, it could be random, or it could be gang related. No matter what, this isn't the time for everyone to bash Santa Ana. Do you all not have better things to do than to voice unwanted opinions on a newspapers website? Come and live in Santa Ana and see its beauty. You are all outsiders who honestly have no right to judge. 

Losers from other countries? To think that once your ancestors were thought about like that. I bet everyone here preaches to their children about treating everyone equally and with respect, but it is sad that all of you "adults" do not know how to do that. 

And sadly, after almost 6 months of not reading this website I decided to do so and it reminded me why I stopped. And it reassured me that cancelling my subscription to this once wonderful newspaper was for the best.


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