Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Story Highlights: Teens in costume invade downtown San Clemente and pier, drawing puzzled looks from passersby

Comment by ICEDAMERICANO: Great to see kids being expressive through creativity, rather than all the negative ways they find. This looks fun.

Comment by ENIGMA1996: When I saw the title, I thought they meant "Illegal Aliens." Although I'm sure there are plenty of those there.

Comment by VASQUEZ1: I had an Alien sighting too this weekend. I was driving through Santa Ana and it appears that the Aliens have taken over the city.

Comment by SOUTHOC

: Love it. Now can we deport some real aliens?

Comment by DAN18NY: What is it with this PC article? Why doesn't the OCR just say they are Hispanic.. Why is taht the OCR like to withhold information from us? Alien? more like ILLEGAL Alien. I am getting tired of crying and moaning about this and yet I keep reading their articles...

Comment by GARDOG01: Did you even read the article moron. This has nothing to do with immigration. Read the freakin' article before you start spouting off crap that has nothing to do with it. You sound like an ignoramus

Comment by RANDOMRESIDENT: Those of you here talking about undocumented immigrants are idiots, do you really have nothing else to do then relate them to all of the worlds problems? I know these kids and they are white, not hispanic. Have you ever seen a Hispanic person with Connor as their name? I didnt think so.


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