Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by SOUTHOC: I wrote Obama and "he" wrote me back stating that he would follow the writing on the statue of liberty. I reminded him that the statue of liberty was a gift from the French and not an American idea. No Amnesty for criminals. Stop rewarding crime and criminals

Comment by CRANKITUP: Obamma probably doens't know that the words written on the statue of liberty were written by a poet not God. Not to mention the fact that the statue faces the Atlantic Ocean not the Rio Grand.

Comment by IDILIUM4

: lol you guys are really scare of this immigrant become legals...why? because you are afraid that this people will take your jobs because you don't have a carer or a business and never achieve nothing in life. well welcome to reality if you think you deserve better because you born here you are wrong...a rude awakening is in your future

Comment by SOUTHOC: You are a sorry example of why illegal immigration is a huge problem.

Comment y MADMIKEOFSA: Its all politics. The right are simply nazi's. FACT: Hitler was a right wing conservative. So when will ICE start building the ovens? Anyone with a brain should just leave and let AZ go into bankruptcy. Then those fascist left can live in their trailer park and cook.

Comment by CLOCKWATCH: The majority started sneaking in in the Clinton years. Now, we have an enormous amount of muslims coming in, due to obozo's rein of fire. Want to know why he was pushing HIS health care plan so hard? Look up dhimmitude. Google or snopes will tell you.

Comment by LONGIE13: Why are politicians pandering ONLY TO LATINOS! What about the rest of america! WE are all seeing what it really is....There is a mexican agenda of reclaiming lost territory, greedy employers who want cheap labor, white guilt, securing future votes for the bleeding heart liberals. Im so sad for this country not so much for me but our kids. We are a nation of clans. I forsee a revolt soon.

Comment by TRUBLU07: Us whites don't like illegals.

Comment by 221614: I only hate the illegals who live off welfare while turning our neighborhoods into barrios. I really hate them. also gangstas


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