Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by HEREWEGOAGAIN: wow really. This has got to be part of their culture. Dont get along with the ex just off them

Comment by HATERSUK99: Part of their Culture? You are a joke, how about this guy just being a "bad" person. Period. It has nothing to do with culture. Stop stereotyping.


: not stereotyping haters, just going off the last 4 stories of murder, where a hispanic has killed either his wife, ex girlfriend or neighbor. Sorry but apparently the truth hurts doesn't it. Also yes this happens in every culture, but it sure as hell seems to be more widely accepted amongst the hispanic culture

Comment by ALLIDAP9802: Why do posters on this forum assume that every Hispanic is illegal? It just shows your ignorance. Learn a new tune, this one is getting really old.

Comment by STOPCRIME: NO, hispanics committing crimes, spewing anchor babies, not learning English, devaluating properties, living in the US illegaly IS GETTING VERY VERY OLD.

Comment by SANITYNOW: yeah, he's legal. look's like a hit man for the Mexican cartels.

I think I lost count of the crimes committed by the usuall suspects in the last month. Bringing there wonderful culture to a neighborhood near you!


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