Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by mrstephen: Can't imagine why anyone would invest anything in Santa Ana, California. Especially when this project will take up only a relatively small footprint over all. Santa Ana is certainly transforming. Sadly it's transforming into the county's single biggest cesspool. As the population is more and more illegal or poverty stricken or both, it will continue to slide downward. The extreme weight of crime and illegal immigration will be a stone around the proverbial neck of Santa Ana City and Orange County for the foreseeable future. 

Comment by gwestlie: How convienent for all the Santa Ana Gang members. Instead of wasting gas on their drive by's, they can all just snipe and pick people off from the top of the building at random. 

Comment by ketchem

: It would sure be a GREAT addition to this "POS" town, the murder capital of the county. Now Mike raise the rent several thousands of dollars for each business on 4th street and let's get rid of little Tijuana. When I drive through that area it reminds me of the smell you first inhale when crossing the border. You know a porta-potty that is overflowing!


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