Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by TROJAN714: Let's see, many people will gather in Santa Ana that do not speak English. Many will be displaying the Mexican Flag, and carrying signs written in Spanish. How is this different than any weekend in Santa Ana? Seriously, drive through that area (if you're brave enough) and the business signs are not written in English, and you'd be very hard pressed to find someone that speaks fluent English there. I don't think I'll be attending this celebration.

Comment by OBAMAFUSCATION: The way that the illegals have ruined Southern California and Cities like Santa Ana, Anaheim, and LA, to have a Anti American blogger tell Citzens Were not Aprreciating Mexico's celebration and questioning our intelligence and class. Maybe we don't celebrate because 80% of them are Criminal Invaders who shouldn't be on our soil, hate the USA, are working the sytem for taxpayer paid entitlements...My fellow Patriots, the Revolution Starts in Novemember...


: can we get a parade going for the day that we bent Mexico over and stripped them of California, Arizona and New Mexico. Can the parade route travel right through the heart of Santa Ana or would we have to travel through the actual neighborhoods so all the drunk homies passed out on their lawns can watch too. 

Comment by MAUDIB: I say the rest of the county celebrate the french take over  of mexico instead.

Comment by LIBERALSUCK: let me guess what kind of games they will have there.

1) Ride by shooting booth
2) Drop an anchor event
3) Drinking on the front yard with your homies at 2 am contest

Comment by MAUDIB: 4) how to stip a car and put it on blocks in your front yard. 5) fence jumping 

Comment by BUDJETER

I am looking forward to this celebration. I have every intention of listening to the festive music and enjoying the fine cuisine. As most of us know the ICE website asks citizens to contact them to report suspicious activity Toll free: 1-866-DH-2-ICE.


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