Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Week: Yvette Cabrera Edition!

God bless Yvette Cabrera. Now that Gordon Dillow is gone, she's the only bleeding-heart liberal columnist left at the Orange County Register. Although she does sometimes take a classic left-wing, root-for-the-underdog approach to her writing, most of her stuff--whether profiles of struggling single mothers or idealistic teachers trying to help their students succeed in life--falls in the category of human interest stories.

But let's not focus on the actual substance of Cabrera's editorials. Fact is, she could write an editorial calling for Mexico to be annexed by the United States and turned into a prison for illegal immigrants and she'd still get viciously anti-Mexican hate mail. Here's a quick tour of the typical reader commentary taken from Cabrera's last five editorials, none of which had anything to do with illegal immigration, of course. It's time for another fun edition of...

In "Channelling Oprah," July 20, Cabrera talked about her appearance on Oprah and opined that the world would be a better place if there was a Latina Oprah too. Not everyone agreed:

Anyone questioning the legality of those here from another country are
labeled "racist". Oooooo... so predictable. Also, I'm from Philly, not the
'Bible belt'. Check your liberal propoganda, dufus. Once again, nothing
against ANY race, but it is truth and fact... SoCal is OVERRUN by illegals
from Mexico. I don't care about 100+ years ago. This is the United States of
America. We have laws and we have a LEGAL immigration process. If you don't
follow it, you are an ILLEGAL. I challenge Cabrera because she doesn't
represent the facts or any semblance of balance... only a 100% pro-illegal
Mexican agenda. She poorly disguises it by focusing on illegals from other
Hispanic countries, but FACT... illegal Mexicans drain our state and our
country through public assistance programs funded by taxpayer money. And the
also rob, steal, rape and kill legal citizens. Many don't contribute
anything but violence and hatred to the OC. Over 25% of those in Santa Ana
jail are illegals. I want the state to uphold the law. And I want the
register to print balanced and honest reporting, not blatent 'advocacy
pieces' written only to elicit sympathy to the illegal cause. I welcome
LEGAL immigration. Open your LA Republican wallet and take out all the cash,
walk outside and give it to the first Hispanic you see that needs financial
assitance. Don't ask questions, just give them your cash. Now do this once a
week, every week. What? Problem with that skywrytr? Right. The exact problem
I have with what the state and the fed does with illegals every day. Give my
tax dollars to them with no conditions, no aggrement, just hand them cash
day after day. And then they turn around and rob you, kill your neighbor,
rape your friend. Wanna keep giving them your money without condition?
Didn't think so.

Two days later, in "Think This is Unfair, Gov? Tough!", Cabrera profiled a struggling single mom who just lost her job. This time, the hate had less to do with Mexicans than poor people.

Until poor, ignorant women stop having children with poor, ignorant men, Ms.
Cabrera will regularly have a similar (or worse) story to write about.
Unfortunately for society, it is unlikely Ms. Cabrera will ever be out of

Here's where things get wacky. On July 27, Cabrera penned a column about teenage obesity among Santa Ana youths titled "A Patch of Dirt, A Couple of Rooms and a Lot of Passion," which led one reader to compare the relative dangers of gangbangers and cheeseburgers.

Facts, or lack thereof has never stood in the way of Yvette; not when she has the opportunity to write yet another article having to do with her beloved Hispanics in Santa Ana. The "greatest challenge" these kids face is the fact many of their parents chose to enter this country in violation of our laws, thereby putting their kids in a precarious situation. Combine that with their parents lack of education and general apathy towards getting one, and you can begin to grasp the real situation facing these kids.

Oh...we didn't even get into the non-stop gang violence that plagues Santa Ana. If I had to pick between a cheeseburger and a gang banger,I would say the gang banger and the perpetual violence has a greater detrimental impact than does their diet.

And rounding out our five hateful screeds takes us to Cabrera's most recent column, "The Tough Luck Club" from July 29, in which she bemoans California's economic crisis and the looming budget cuts. This typical liberal handwringing naturally led one bright reader to offer the following modest proposal:

"If the CITIZENS of Calif would quit giving free tax money to the illegal
immigrant for schooling and medical costs maybe there would be money for
other programs. I suggest this. We as CITZENS round up all of the illegal
immigrants send them home. If they give the excuse their child was born here
they take them and we still send them home or they still leave and we put
the child in a foster home.


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