Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Week: Special Kennedy Appreciation Edition

Until brain cancer ended his career, Senator Ted Kennedy was one of the hardest working legislators in American history, someone who even right-wing ideologues like Orrin Hatch admired and loved for his tireless dedication to public service. Ok sure, he had his faults. The man liked to drink. He caused the death of a young woman by crashing his car off a bridge and then walking home to call his attorney and sleep it off rather than going straight to the authorities. That was a long time ago, however, and over the past several decades, Kennedy put his hand to some of the most important civil rights and general common-sense legislation to come out of the Beltway.

Although he was a died-in-the-wool liberal, he got along well with Republicans, including former President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy, the latter who shared Kennedy's passion for stem-cell research. Kennedy's body not even six feet under, but already our usual cast of cretins began bombarding the Register website with personal attacks against Kennedy and gleeful celebrations of his demise. "I'd rather have hunted with Cheney, than driven with Ted Kennedy," offered one delighted commentator. "By the way, Hooray!"

While a lot of the negative comments about his legacy are simply distasteful remarks about Teddy's penchant for booze and other presumably endemic Irish-American traits (anti-papist prejudice lingers on, folks) it wasn't long before readers began to blast the man for his role in immigration reform, bringing "clown houses" to America, and authorizing an "invasion" of our fair land by an army of "third world peasants." That's right, patriotic Americans, it's time for out latest game of...

*"Teddy was probably a lot of fun when he was drinking. Except when he was driving of course. He was born rich, never had a care in the world and tried to bring 200,000,000 people into our nation in 50 years with his shamenesty plan. He lived in a bubble and his ideas of what America should become were mostly wrong."

*"The only time you saw Kennedy with poor hispanics were in the photo ops. Trust me, never in his life did Teddy have to tolerate clown houses in the neighborhood or visit a loved one in a hospital who was put there by an unlicensed/uninsured illegal."

*"And let's not forget the 1965 immigration bill that Kennedy sponsored, which lead directly to the mess we find ourselves in today. Kennedy blatantly lied about the bill's effects: "First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Under the proposed bill, the present level of immigration remains substantially the same. Secondly, the ethnic mix of this
country will not be upset." A thoughtless moron, or a lying sack of you-know-what? You decide.... Ted Kennedy was a fat, drunken, corrupt, unpatriotic reprobate. Good riddance."

*"Let us hope that was the end of the Kennedy Legacy. Many didn't know that JF Kennedy opened the door wide open for the U.S. Immigration policy, Ted and the rest of his family followed through for many years. Look at Santa Ana today. You know Obama is going to continue the open border policy."

*"Kennedy was not a patriot. When in high office a patriot would not encourage the illegal wholesale invasion of his own country by tens of millions of third world peasants, and once past the borders and firmly entrenched in our neighborhoods, offer to give them legal residence with a swipe of a pen. No patriot would do that to his own people. But then Teddy and his family didn't have to tolerate the aftermath of his actions. They lived prosperously within the confines of a secure gated compound which afforded all the luxuries of life. The only illegal they knew was Maria who washed their clothes and made their beds and cleaned their toilets. So don't feed me this 'patriot' malarkey. He was no 'patriot'. Not by a long shot. Good riddance."

Ah for heaven's sake, let's just cut the crap right here. All this online idiocy begs just one question: where are the Dead Rabbits when you need them? RIP Teddy, Bobby and Jack. Your Irish-American forefathers who a century ago struggled against the same Nativist hatred being spouted by these know-nothing Register readers would be proud of your contributions to this country. May the road rise with you....


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